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Paul Gerber Triple Rotor AHCI Ref 420 ETA 2824 guilloche independent watchmaking titanium in-house anthracite large date

Gold Dust: Paul Gerber’s new Ref. 420 Triple Rotor ‘Guilloché’ questions the common paradigms of ‘Haute Horlogerie’

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My first ‘New Watch Alert’ for 2023, the Ref. 420 Triple Rotor 'Guilloché', is what I consider ‘essentially Paul’: unique 'in-house' watchmaking with a twinkling eye
Bulgari Bvlgari Diagono Scuba SD38S diver chronometer negroni

Gold Dust: Into the weekend in a dolce vita mood – enjoying summer with the Bvlgari Diagono Scuba

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Only the Italians manage to blend elegance with brutalist elements in such an effortless style - the Bvlgari Diagono Scuba, a perfect summer watch
Vacheron Constantin Prestige de la France 1972 2013 Ref. 33172

Gold Dust: Vacheron Constantin Prestige 1972 – the Golden Section, wherever you look

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Shaped watches are always for those with the most eclectic tastes – the Vacheron Constantin Prestige 1972 sits at the apex of this genre, and this not only because of its asymmetric design…
Vacheron Constantin American 1921 Piece Unique Movement Jewels Escape Wheel Old Stock Assembly
Massena Lab Archetype 0.0 gilt dial sellita SW 510 M William Rohr chronograph

Gold Dust: Massena Lab’s Archetype 0.0 brings back the lovely gilt dials of the past

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Noted collector, industry insider and now also watch producer William Massena embarked on a mission to revive the forgotten art of ‘true’ gilt dials – a high rejection rate allowed for only two hand full of Archetype 0.0 watches to be made
Minerva Pythagore 40mm white gold Cal. 48 manufacture

Gold Dust: the Minerva Pythagore 40mm Sector Dial – swan song to a collector’s darling manufacture

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Ever since I saw this Minerva Pythagore at the manufacture in Villeret I was on a hunt – only more than 5 years later I found one – in my backyard!
DeWitt Academia Mathematical jumping hours automatic manufacture

Gold Dust: the DeWitt Academia Mathematical Jumping Digital Display

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Jerôme de Witt’s creations are for the open-minded, seasoned collectors, for those who value a look behind the obvious – as the Academia Mathematical shows
MIH Watch Musee International d'Horologerie Ludwig Oechslin Paul Gerber Christian Gafner Beat Weinmann Annual Calendar Monopusher Chronograph Simplicity

Gold Dust: The MIH Watch – A Purist’s delight, a Milestone and a Pacemaker of the rarest sort

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We revisit the watch after a 'relaunch' of the MIH Watch is iminent, but the 'dream team' of Ludwig Oechslin, Paul Gerber – and even the namesake and beneficiary MIH distance themselves
Hublot Classic Fusion Flying Tourbillon

Gold Dust: a surprisingly timeless and restrained Hublot: the Classic Fusion Flying Tourbillon

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A token for the *other* side of Hublot's recent story: the Classic Fusion Flying Tourbillon of 2006
Patek Philippe Ref. 5004A Perpetual Calendar Rattrapante Split-Second Chronograph stainless steel CHR 27-70

Gold Dust: the elusive Patek Philippe Ref. 5004A Split-Seconds Perpetual Calendar Chronograph – in steel!

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A watch at the apex of an eminent manufacturer, the Patek Philippe 5004A Split-Seconds Perpetual Calendar Chronograph is as eclectic as it is miraculous
Roger Dubuis Hommage Condottieri RD27 Cyma Tavannes Cal. 507 586 chronometer Besançon Grand Feu enamel Poinçon de Geneve Geneva Seal

Gold Dust: the Roger Dubuis Hommage ‘Condottieri’

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Some ultra-fine simple timepieces irrestably burst of watchmaking content, and the Roger Dubuis Hommage ‘Condottieri’ is certainly one of them
Girard-Perregaux Classique Elegance Ref. 49520 manufacture rose gold in-house

Gold Dust: the Girard-Perregaux Classique Elegance Ref. 49520

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With Girard-Perregaux making not only its movements, but also cases, bracelets and buckles in-house, the Classique Elegance is a truly thoroughbred watch
Daniel Roth Double-Face Tourbillon Ref. 187 Ming Thein

Gold Dust: the early Daniel Roth Double-Face Tourbillon Ref. 187

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The Daniel Roth Double-Faced Tourbillon Ref. 187 has that heft, solidity and old-world charm – masterfully illustrated with photography by Ming Thein
Parmigiani Ionica Hebdomadaire red gold mother-of-pearl

Gold Dust: the Parmigiani Ionica Hebdomadaire – the aesthetic and watchmaking vision of Michel Parmigiani, concentrated

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Also, a splendid reminder to a time when in-house movements were really exotic - particularly if they were of tonneau shape and exceeded more than one-week power reserve