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Welcome to the eclecticum, a watch and fine lifestyle blog solely driven by passion. A resource which first and foremost reflects our very personal views as (seasoned) collectors, connoisseurs and industry insiders. We have no pretension of being the most complete, fastest or most easily to digest media on all things eclectic. Honesty, best-to-our-knowledge information and (for some) enriching lecture – that´s what we have to offer.

Be eclectic!

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Ornatus Mundi

My journey into watchmaking started early and entirely by accident: Having missed a train I had to kill some time at the main station of my home town in Northern Germany, and I found no better use of the opportunity that presented itself than to stroll around the flea market in front of the station. I went home with solid gold 1950s Dugena watch that lacked a crown but made up for it with its 1€ price tag. That was it!

I shortly after moved to Zurich to complete my PhD, and thus got dangerously close to the heart of the watchmaking world – a dream came true, and I tried to savour it to the fullest extent possible (to me). Visits to manufactories, BaselWorld and SIHH, but particularly the ateliers where all the magic would happen – the benches of the watchmakers – that was where I loved and still (!) love to be. Watching (sic!) the artisans, discussing with them and trying to grasp how they ‘tick’ and how personality, upbringing and environment shape watchmaking expressions, that is what drives me.

Fortune made it that I can now call a fine group of watchmakers my friends, and I also have ventured into the manufacturing side of industry as well (for the record, I won’t write about ‘my’ horological cooperative here to avoid any conflicts of interest). That latter allowed me to accumulate a wealth of new and (to me) unexpected experiences which I think are at times valuable to better understand certain developments.

Let’s get this going – and see where passion drives us!

small luxury world Patek Philippe 12 dial


Addiction to everything special - for good reasons … or just the sake of beauty – started when I was a teenager or even younger. My first book about antiques I bought when I was in primary school … and the first magazines about watches in secondary school – still have most of them. At the same time - with newsboy money in pocket - I started to invest in good shoes from England and Vienna (at sale) … and my first “icon” watch from Cartier (used and with a quartz movement, only). As an apprentice I bought my first (vintage) Blancpain Fifty Fathoms - heavily used without bezel but running.

As the journey went on, I managed to get some lovely watches and was always keen on getting more (background) information. A good source has been the watch forums (especially in the early days), travels to shows, factory/bench visits, dedicated books and most of all friendships with passionate people all over the world. For a couple of years, I was even working in the industry and it was a great experience, but no investment in my passions. The latter we need to take more seriously because it makes a difference and therefore, we open a new chapter …

the eclecticum
– both of us are looking forward to where this experiment, … a laboratory of passion, leads us. Let´s be eclectic – in the spirit of passion – together, and if you have anything to share, please let us know – you can always reach us at passion(AT)theeclecticum(DOT)com or use our contact form.

We are open, so are you?