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Andreas Strehler – watchmaker and engineer

A genius designer of watch movements … still unknown for (too) many.


Andreas Strehler Lune Exacte Wristshot

(Andreas Strehler, Lune Exacte)

2020 – 25 years of independent watchmaking. His first job in the industry, back in 1991, was at Renaud & Papi. His sponsor was Robert Greubel and other (well known!) colleagues have been Bart & Tim Groenefeld, Stephen Forsey and Christophe Claret to mention only a few. Andreas Strehler was proposed as a member of the AHCI (Académie Horlogére des Créateurs Indépendants) by Paul Gerber.

Andreas Strehler watchmaker AHCI(Andreas Strehler, behind the scenes but central to so many…) 

Today he is known (to industry insiders) as the engineer for brands, but also as a watchmaker. He has some outstanding watches to offer. For whatever reason, still after so many years he is almost like a secret even for collectors of fine watchmaking.

Andreas Strehler Engineer for the brands watchmaker for the few Horlbeck Krausz book

(Written by Horlbeck and Krausz on Andreas Strehler)

If we got your attention and you would like to know more about Andreas Strehler – the engineer and the watchmaker – we can recommend a few books. The first one (see above) is dedicated to his work only: Andreas Strehler – Engineer for the Brands, Watchmaker for the Few; written by Michael Philip Horlbeck and Alexander Krausz.

Andreas Strehler Engineer for the brands watchmaker for the few Horlbeck Krausz book

In addition, we recommend:

  • The Hands of Time – AHCI; written by Ian Skellern
  • Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking; written by Michael Clerizo
  • The Wristwatch Handbook – a comprehensive guide to mechanical wristwatches; written by Ryan Schmidt

The Hands of Time AHCI watchmaking Skellern book

Masters of contemporary watchmaking Clerizo book

The wristwatch handbook a comprehensive guide to mechanical watchmaking Schmidt book

Enjoy reading and research, it´s half of the fun – at least for the team from the eclecticum.

Andreas Strehler Time Shadow hands on(Andreas Strehler, Time Shadow)

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