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Novelty: hands-on with the MING 18.01 H41 (live pictures)

Titanium (MING 18.01 H41) - water resistant to 1000 meter, functional and reliable for diving …

Titaniumwater resistant to 1000 meter, functional and reliable for diving could be (also) an introduction to some beloved (vintage) pieces from IWC or SINN. The watches I have in mind are highly collectible for several reasons, but the new diver from MING has even more to offer – unique design and smart solutions, at least in my book.

For today it will only be a ´snapshot´ – with some live pictures – to give you some first ideas.

Quick summary: wearability (40mm diameter), readability (even in the dark) and a cool design on top is what you will get if you already placed your order (1st batch of 150 pieces, 7th of August 2020; sold out). In case you missed it, there will be 2nd one sometime soon.

See also our ‘Collector’s View’ on this watch!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the first impressions.



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