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“Guy´s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: Bovet – Tourbillon Virtuoso

Photographer Guy Lucas de Peslouan shares his images and thoughts on Bovet´s Tourbillon Virtuoso

A few thoughts by Guy:

This watch offers a new vision of time. With a skeletonized Tourbillon and using the two faces to read time, this watch is unusual and stunning. The minute indicator is retrograde and jumping hours comes in a « Guichet », plus a power reserve indicator.

On the other side, you will find a classic two hands, for hours and minutes.

Finishing and décoration are so fine and original and improve, (reveal), the manufacture « savoir faire ».

In just a few simple movements, this ingenious « Amadeo » system enables the user to successively convert his or her timepiece into a reversible wristwatch, a table clock, or a pocket watch – without any tools.

Additional context by 
the eclecticum:

What I see on the pictures looks interesting and very well executed. I like the « Amadeo » concept and the idea behind. It may not be for everyone, but who cares if it fits to your idea of fine watchmaking and your personal context. For once I can´t say more about the watch or the people behind. Simply because I never met them and not even held one of their watches in hand.

It doesn´t happen that often, but still it does. That´s just one more good reason to look forward what Guy decided to share with us. Learning about something new, even after so many years being passionate about watches.


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