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“Guy’s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: Suissemecanica SM8 Chrono

Photographer Guy Lucas de Peslouan shares his images and thoughts on a watch with surprising details brought to life by a passionate husband-and-wife team

Suissemecanica SM8 chronograph monopusher crown protector GMT

A few thoughts by Guy:

Suissemecania – a watch born from the passion of husband and wife team François Renoult and Juliana Arbelaez-Renoult, whereby Juliana acts as designer.

They created their brand few years ago and now propose this SM8 Chrono watch, a monopusher chronograph.

Suissemecanica SM8 chronograph monopusher crown protector GMT(Layered dial with brushed dual-time ring)

It seems classic and maybe a little bigger in size, but in fact, when you have it in your hands, a lot of details come. At first, the design. But on the watch too. 

Suissemecanica SM8 chronograph monopusher crown protector GMT(The innovative sliding crown protector)

It’s not only a chronograph, it’s a GMT too, but the key is that this watch offers a sliding crown protector, really original and efficient.”

Additional context by the eclecticum:

The brand – we have to admit we have not had yet any personal experience with the watches, and also not (yet) contact with the people behind. Thus, it’s clear to us that a lot of important context is still missing – for us. 

Despite this, Suissemecanica clearly comes with a mission for men’s sports watches. The ideas they put forward appear consistent, outside the box and equally well thought-off and executed, something we applaud here at the eclecticum.

The proprietary and patented Sliding Crowns Protector System (SCPSy) solves a safety and reliability issue of watches designed for tough use, and does so in an unusual, mechanically involved to realise and fit-for-purpose fashion.

Suissemecanica SM8 chronograph monopusher crown protector GMT design concept

The cases are masculine, for sure, bold, but made with a lot of attention to the detail and a good eye for using soft shapes (all derived from circles) to obtain a strong and ‘impressive’ design.

Suissemecania praises itself for a 100% Swiss Made approach.

Suissemecanica SM8 chronograph monopusher crown protector GMT

The watch
– having the same caveat upfront as above (not having handled the watch yet), we feel that the SM8, Chrono or simple time-only version, makes good use of the design concept.

(side note from Ornatus-Mundi: I always noticed how well the watch plays with light on its manifold surfaces, and also found the various design elements nicely orchestrated in a balanced way)

The watch is large, but comes with cleverly devised layering on the dial giving it depth and visual interest, and sets the chronograph indices such that they are legible on the one and not overbearing on the other hand.

Speaking of the chronograph, this one is of the relatively rare monopusher variant, giving it additional spice. The movement comes from Concepto (as does the time-only as well) and is nicely finished and a most welcome departure from the ubiquitous Valjoux 7750 or its Sellita equivalent.

All of the above together, the conceptual involvement and the resulting mechanical complexity of the case alone, combined with the ‘totally Swiss’ ethos, certainly cannot make for a very affordable watch – and it is not.

Taken together, the Suissemecanica SM8 Chrono is not for everyone, but we can think of someone who is experienced enough to appreciate the fine detailwork of the pieces and who emancipated from having to wear a big name on the wrist.

Someone who probably solved a large problem the unusual way in his job, and knows what that entails…

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