“Guy’s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: Ludovic Ballouard The Upside Down << Milky Way >>

Photographer Guy Lucas de Peslouan shares his images and thoughts on the first (and only) watch with a dial created using milk

A few thoughts by Guy:

The Upside Down « Milky Way » is a unique piece.

 Dial was created using milk. This is stunning and unique.

 Reading the time is very original too. Only the current time is on the right side. Past and future hours are presented upside down.

 Star and numerals are in gold.

Movement is in-house made and developed by the watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard.”


Additional context by the eclecticum:

The man – from model aircraft (still a hobby today) to watchmaking school when he was only 16 years old. For several reasons he didn´t work in the watch industry afterwards, for quite some time. About eight years later he got interested in the work of Frank Muller (the man; back in those days only about 15 people in his workshop) and wrote to him. He got a quick positive reply and was working there for three years. Afterwards he started to work for F.P. Journe, because of the person behind and his special approach of fine watchmaking. At this time at FPJ he was working on several watches of the collection, but is best known to collectors for his last project – the Grande Sonnerie “Sonnerie Souveraine”.

The watch
– the Upside Down was Ludovic Ballouard first own timepiece more than 10 years ago. His idea was to create a highly complicated and eccentric timepiece with a twist in its presentation of time. One could say it represents his own sense of humour and just reflects his personality. For sure it´s not for everyone, but it is far from being boring. The watch is a highly philosophical piece: with only the current hour ´correctly’ presented, it reminds us on celebrating the moment and not to be overly concerned about the past or worry too much about the future. Carpe diem …

The movement he created himself is fascinating and totally uncommon as well, not only because of the accumulation of Maltese crosses.

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