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“Guy’s Eclectic Choice of The Week” – watchmaker Hervé Morard from MRV Watch and his first watch M1-01

Photographer Guy Lucas de Peslouan shares his images and thoughts on the first watch from the watchmaker Hervé Morard - M1-01

A few thoughts by Guy:


MRV Watch – the watchmaker Hervé Morard creates his own watches.

This first model M1-01 used an Angelus 216 movement, restored, and customized by himself.

The quality of finishing is perfect, and the watch looks like he dreams about it.

The case is in titanium.

His second watch (not shown) is a chronograph and third one is coming soon … to be continued.”

Additional context by the eclecticum:

The man/brand – it doesn´t happen that often (in the world of watches), but this watchmaker/brand is unknown to us. Therefore, we even more appreciate Guy´s contribution this week and look forward to see and learn more in the future.

The watch
– we like what we see, interesting details and lots of character. Refreshing, without being exaggerated! The diameter is 44mm and the proportions seem to be right. Readability (day & night) seems to be particularly good and the back view is nice as well. A hands-on would be much appreciated by us. It seems to be a piece unique. Something we would change. Well, the “logo/word mark” is not on the same (high) level as the watch itself.

More „Guy´s Eclectic Choices of the Week” you will find here, every Monday.


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      the eclecticum says:

      Hi Martin:

      on a second thought: in the “Guy’s Eclectic Choice of The Week” series we give photographer Guy Lucas de Peslouan a free hand to select from his archive of images. Guy accompanies them with his musings on why he selected a particular watch.

      As we have written in our article we neither know Hervé Morard from MRV Watch personally nor do we know his watch first hand – in fact, it even appears that we are the only ones to ever feature this watch at all. Even on MRV Watch’s website no additional data beyond the information in our article are given, and thus we have no chance to provide price or thickness.

      Thus, if you want more, we suggest you visit http://www.mrvwatch.com and contact Hervé directly.

      the eclecticum


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