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“Guy’s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: Kees Engelbarts Skeleton Tourbillon

Photographer Guy Lucas de Peslouan shares his images and thoughts on one of the most eminent watch engraver artists

Kees Engelbarts Engraving Skeleton Tourbillon Mokume Gane

A few thoughts by Guy:

Kees Engelbarts – a stunning engraver. A Dutchman who now lives in Geneva.

For many he is known for his work done for a lot of brand in the jewellery and watch world.

Kees Engelbarts Engraving Skeleton Tourbillon Mokume Gane

But already since 1997 he creates his own watches, in which he sees as laboratories develop and as showcases to reveal his art of engraving.

He uses traditional techniques, (like Mokumé Gane, from Japan),  as well as new one and had create some new to advance his art…

Kees Engelbarts Engraving Skeleton Tourbillon Mokume Gane movement

In my mind, he is the most creative and innovative engraver from this period.”

Additional context by the eclecticum (small-luxury-world):

Kees Engelbarts – the first time I met him back in 2008, was in Oldenzaal (Netherlands), for the opening of the Grönefeld Boutique. Together with fellow independents he had a couple of watches on display. Looking at his watches – intriguing came to my mind. Perfectly executed, eclectic and not for the crowd. What me didn´t like was the brand name – Cornelius & Cie, Geneve – especially on the dial. A partnership between Kees Engelbarts and Paul Pertijs, an owner of several jewellery shops in the Netherlands.

Looking at Kees’ timepieces from today, without any branding and purely dedicated to the crafts is much more to my taste and his own spirit:

“Why should a watch wear the name of the watchmaker (the technician) if the important thing is aesthetic aspect of the watch, the engraved dial or the beautifully decorated movement? Wouldn’t it be more logical to name the watch after its creator?”

Kees Engelbarts Engraving Tourbillon Mokume Gane

Unique watches for people that are looking for something different, that´s his strength. “Handmade” is not just a slogan, looking (even close) at his watches. Only a few pieces per year, but all of them eclectic and perfectly executed.

One of my favourites representing his work, was the Grönefeld Parallax Tourbillon he decorated for the horological Grönefeld brothers, an awesome piece for sure.

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