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“Guy´s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: Hautlence – HL 2.0

Photographer Guy Lucas de Peslouan shares his images and thoughts on the Hautlence ´HL 2.0`

“Guy´s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: Hautlence – HL 2.0

A few thoughts by Guy:

Presented as a preview in 2010 and launched in its final version in 2011, after more than 4 years of development, the HL2.0 collection embodies the second generation of HAUTLENCE watches.

Faithful to the founding idea of ​​the brand, based on a different reading of time, this collection goes even further and definitely consolidates the brand within the most prestigious contemporary watchmaking houses.

The HL2.0 models display the jumping hour, semi-trailing, retrograde minutes and the power reserve indication.

“Guy´s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: Hautlence – HL 2.0

Developed and industrialized by the teams of the Neuchâtel brand, it is the first collection to offer a mechanical manufacture movement with automatic winding.

“Guy´s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: Hautlence – HL 2.0

Three patents for an exceptional piece:

  • The 1st patent revolves around the semi-trailing hour chain. Every 60 minutes, the chain turns in 3-4 seconds and without shocks.
  • The second patent relates to the regulating organ integrated into the mobile rod movement. By its rotation, it compensates for the effects of gravity.
  • The third patent deals with the contribution of the two barrels of the movement. The main barrel is charged by the automatic system and transmits the energy required to charge a second barrel, dedicated exclusively to driving the complication.

Additional context by the eclecticum:

HAUTLENCE – once more Guy has chosen an interesting brand that we are not familiar with, at least not when it comes to handle the products.

Their approach of showing time is refreshing and we like that kind of added spice in the world of contemporary watchmaking.

“Guy´s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: Hautlence – HL 2.0

The HL 2.0 also marks the transition to a new era for the brand: it was one of the last, if not the last, modely presented before Hautlence was acquired, together with H. Moser, by Georges-Henri Meylan’s MELB Holding. In the new group, Moser and Hautlence form a deeply intertwined ‘brotherhood’, sharing not only a number of technologies, constructions and movements, but also the family at the helm: the two brands are steered by the brothers Edouard and Bertrand Meylan, respectively.

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