Snapshot(s) – tourbillons from F.P. Journe, Omega and Greubel Forsey

Tourbillons - precision tools, technical marvels or just a feast for the eyes?!

These days a tourbillon is not hidden anymore, quite often. In fact, it´s quite common to feature them on the dial, to place it in the centre of the movement or to create the whole movement around the complication just for the sake of beauty.

In times of precision CNC machines accessible to almost anyone we see tourbillons more often than ever before, but not all of them are outstanding or dedicated to precision. Beauty as part of the product specification is almost a must if we exclude some “industrialised bargains” out there. As always beauty is in the eye of the beholder and therefore, we show you three quite different examples for today.

F.P. Journe
Remontoir d´Egalité avec Seconde Morte.

It brings lots of character to the table and is a connoisseur´s piece. Especially when we think about some early or special versions. To call one your own is great, but to have more than just one could be seductive for collectors with deep pockets and eclectic taste.

De Ville Tourbillon Co-Axial.

It represents modern technologies and the powerhouse behind quite well. Still we don´t see a tourbillon from Omega often. It was a pleasure to see it in the metal even when it didn´t get a place on my personal “wish list”. Engineers with acquired taste, it´s your turn.

Greubel Forsey
Tourbillon 24 Seconds Contemporain.

“The simplicity of its external appearance resonates with the harmony of its internal architecture”, a quote from GF which hits the nail in my book. Me just love the three-dimensional character!

It´s not the most fancy, complicated, or popular watch from the brand. Less is more, comes to my mind. Lots of understatement (given the brand), but sophisticated features like exceptional finish (in general), finely frosted raw titanium or the tourbillon bridge made from sapphire crystal … not to mention the case band bearing micro-engraved inscriptions, in line with the values of Greubel Forsey´s philosophy. In this case it gets even better, because of the titanium case.

A pleasure on the wrist – my wrist – a feast for the eyes and high on my personal (holy grail) list.

Once more, be eclectic!



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