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„Guy´s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: Linde Werdelin – SpidoSpeed DLC

Photographer Guy Lucas de Peslouan shares his images and thoughts on the Linde Werdelin ´SpidoSpeed DLC` - plus some context by “the eclecticum”

Linde Werdelin – SpidoSpeed DLC

A few thoughts by Guy:

The brand Linde Werdelin – created by Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin – has occupied an original place in the watch industry.

As luxury sports watches for adventurers on a mission to redefine sports horology, namely for diving & for mountain hiking. Famous designer Morten Linde expresses his design philosophy through these watches, and their original and round/angular case, aimed to maximise the combination of functionality and modernism. His DNA is evident through every collection.

Linde Werdelin – SpidoSpeed DLC

The SpidoSpeed is a chronograph within a raw, stripped-back aesthetic. It comes on a limited series.

Linde Werdelin – SpidoSpeed DLC

The SpidoLite series was first conceived to pursue adventure, following a Mount Everest expedition after which the mountaineers’ feedback was collected, and these adventurers requested something just as durable, but lighter.

The LW brand was the first to sell its watches by Internet, a long time before the others.


Additional context by the eclecticum:

Linde Werdelin is brand not unknown to us as they are around for quite some time, but truth to be told – we haven´t handled one of their watches yet. The first impression was and still is, it is a well-designed product that looks quite cool – once you have an appropriate lifestyle. It is not driven by the spirit of `Haute Horlogerie` or ambitious watchmaking, and that´s fine for us as the brand does not make any such claim. It looks like they use proofed movements as a base and have chosen solid partners for the production part – nothing more, nothing less. Their strength is the design approach, which is coherent even in detail.

Linde Werdelin – SpidoSpeed DLC

Conclusion: We can understand why people fall for it, because it seems to be a lovely and well-made product for a specific niche. Personally, it doesn´t speak loud to us, but this is just a matter of taste – nonmatching lifestyle. And a personal encounter might change that …

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