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“Guy´s Eclectic Choice of The Week”: De Bethune – DB 25 IX Inframonde Maya

Photographer Guy Lucas de Peslouan shares his images and thoughts on De Bethune´s DB 25 IX Inframonde Maya

A few thoughts by Guy:

This art piece watch comes in a limited edition of 12.

A unique piece was created with a silicium tourbillon.

(Piece Unique, Tourbillon, front)

(Piece Unique, Tourbillon, back)

The others benefit from several patents specific to the manufacture, such as the silicon & platinum balance wheel and the triple drop-protection shock system.

Based on a Maya calendar, the dial is in solid gold, hand engraved by Michèle Rothen.

Each dial is unique and a real art piece, with a sacred and mythological atmosphere.

Additional context by the eclecticum:

It was unveiled at SIHH in 2012. For a creative brand like De Bethune, known for its avant-garde designs, this is almost a classical timepiece. The dial represents the crafts of hand-engraving at its best and makes it an art piece. The “Maya” context we see rarely and therefore it should be highly collectible for connoisseurs with dedicated affinity. Others may fall because of beauty, only.

the eclecticum

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