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A showcase that represents the current watch industry well. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore – 44mm –

Royal Oak Offshore - sophisticated solutions and materials meet classical design approaches - executed on a high (industrial) level

In case of the Royal Oak Offshore shown here (for example) it´s for those who celebrate the urban and sporty lifestyle – fashionable one could call it. Watch collectors are probably not the major target group, if I think about the context given. In all its excellence, it´s not outstanding or even unique from what we are familiar with. Some years ago, it would have been different, but not today – not anymore.

Also, there are quite a few different variations of (almost) the same watch available – as part of the current collection or in the second market. Still don´t get me wrong, please. The all-over finishing, the base caliber, the rotor, the case and especially the crown protectors represent some of the best on the market. Hands-on with the watch, me wouldn´t see anything to improve. It´s great for what it is!

It´s an adorable stylish watch that I could easily imagine on my wrist, but I will not save for it as it is not high enough on my personal (eclectic) list.

For the sake of beauty, a few more snapshots:

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